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My passion is to expand consciousness using visual representation, in this context I paint energy as it arises in real-time format.

Cara is gifted in painting powerful, unique and colorful custom energy paintings of your personal energy or energy systems and patterns. Meet with Cara to learn more and order your visual energy representation.


From The Inside Out is about Cara's experience of healing from a traumatic brain injury. One year after the accident, she painted twelve abstract pieces with prose that visually displayed her recovery. The paintings emerged from a process honed for more than three decades. Cara got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, work in technical illustration, mapmaking, jewelry work, teaching art and continued art education. Additionally her child and adult near death experiences contributed to her continual internal spiritual exploration and were instrumental in her healing process.

 Painting focuses and translates what I feel. The challenge to use 2D tools to quantify the vast, changing Universe appeals to me. My desire to unify and expand works with the flow toward Oneness.

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